Carl & Morgan | Wedding 2020

There is just something so special about working a wedding with old friends and classmates. Seeing people we hung out with as kids or teens, grow up and do adult things just really reminds me how quick life goes. Back when we were struggling to get up at 6-7am to get to school, trying to keep our eyes open in class, those days felt so long and like they would never end. Now I think back and realize that we all graduated 4, 5, 6, and so on, years ago.

We spent the afternoon together, getting Morgan all dolled up and ready for the evenings events. It was fun to catch up and spend time together again, especially since one of my favorite vendors was the makeup artist [Savannah Gochenour].

Morgan and Carl rented this beautiful AirBnb for the weekend, its right down the road from their venue at Pleasant View Barn. Morgan and her mom really wanted a picture at the top of this entryway to the house, and it's so dreamy.

We made our way over to the venue, waited for everyone to get where they needed to be, and got the ceremony started.

Their wedding is a prime example that even harsh sunlight can be beautiful.

We got all of the big family group photos done and then moved onto my favorite part, the bridal images.

All in all, it was a beautiful day. I would give anything to do all my weddings with old friends. Its so relaxed and doesn't even feel like I'm working. It was also amazing because my kids got to tag along with my husband and was so fun to let them see what my job at weddings entail.

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