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Kate Kibler | Senior | July 7, 2019

The youngest of the Kibler girls is graduating this coming school year! Woohoo! I cannot believe my youngest sister is even old enough to graduate (also can't believe that I'm turning 21 this year... the 90s ended 20 years ago people...). Kate has been my subject through the years of my photography journey, even back when phones didn't have cameras!





I've put her through a lot of time in front of the camera, including that time when my cousins and I made a youtube channel and posted the most ridiculous videos. I'll leave that as a little easter egg for you all, if you can find it you might just have an omg moment. If you do, please don't let me know, I'm cringing just thinking about it...

We started at my dad's house at our neighbors field, which has grown significantly without the horses mowing it down. I was really hoping for some cute reflection pictures at the pond in the field but unfortunately, the lack of consistent rain has left it almost dry.