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Heather Turner | Family | June 22, 2019

I met Heather and her family out at Meems Bottom covered bridge on a beautiful saturday morning, bright and early. If you are from ShenCo, you know, Meems Bottom is the go to for photos...which means its pretty overused and even cliche. So I really had to up my creativity and pull a different view of the bridge and its surrounding land. I honestly have to say, my favorites are the ones in the water.

I never try hard enough to push for the couples type photos in family sessions but Im glad I did in this one. Couples are literally my favorite and are under appreciated in family sessions, especially the ones I do. Why not enjoy a family session even more and add a couples session right in the middle.

Then we got out the skateboard and I was sooooooooo excited. How often do you have the opportunity to shoot cool skateboarding pictures like this?!