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Britney & Travis | Wedding | June 01, 2019

Britney and Travis got married on June 1, 2019 at a quaint little camp ground out in Star Tannery, VA.

Being the first wedding of 2019 for me, I was worried that the past few months off before their big day would make me rusty, but once we got started, it just flowed perfectly.

The little flower girls were super cute and I can't wait for Evelyn to be old enough to rock a pair of cowboy boots like these little girls did!

When the bridesmaids suggested a picture of the bridal party chugging beers, I was like, Heck. Yes. It's not often that you get a chance to do fun stuff with the bridal party, especially one that looked as good as this..

The ceremony was so beautiful and of course I had to resist crying because having two kids has made me a bawl baby during every milestone moment in life. I literally have to tell myself during the wedding, "don't think about the kids getting married, don't think about it!"

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

the mean mugging is amazing in this one...

This was the first wedding that I actually made sure to pull the bride and groom aside and get some bridal pictures (I