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Brooke & Colton

Brooke, Colton, and I have known each other for basically forever. We all went to elementary school and graduated together. Did I every imagine we'd be getting together for a couples shoot in 2018? Absolutely not. Am I super dooper happy we did? Abso-freaking-lutely.

These two have a very unique and playful relationship that I love. They said they dont know how to act in front of camera. They are, however, very good at doing this one pose, according to them. Said pose for your viewing below.

We spent the evening freezing our fingers off, but it wasn't even that cold according to Colton, who has been in much worse conditions. Colton's family has a ton of beautiful land that we got to trek across in the windy, crisp air and capture these gorgeous images. If you have amazing rolling fields, wood trails, or farm land we should definitely talk about scheduling your next session :) .