The Price Wedding - June 2, 2018

Back in the fall I met up with Heather and AJ to do their engagement session at the Woodstock Brewhouse. AJ and Heather met at this very spot for the first time and the rest was history!

During our engagement session, I was hit with another surprise.I apparently already knew AJ and never realized it! He told me about how he and my uncles were good friends and he used to come up to the parties at my grandparents garage bar (it was the place to be during their high school years, let me tell you). I have probably seen him so many times throughout my childhood when me and my best friend/aunt would sneak in the bar and watch them play pong and corn hole. If this doesnt show how small of a town Woodstock is, then I don't know what will!

Needless to say, they are an amazing couple. So sweet and loving to everyone the meet. When Heather and I had our last meeting before the wedding, I stayed a little longer than I had planned just because the conversation with her was so great! It was like talking to an old friend.

Their wedding was held at the Shenandoah River Lodge, which has some beautiful scenery. Luckily the river had calmed just enough from the rain and flash floods from the days before that their guest were able to safely make it to join in the matrimony of these two! The ceremony was small and short, but that made the fellowship even greater! AJ and Heather had their own vows written and they were both so beautiful and had me tearing up. AJ had to go an extra mile and tried to get everyone crying, he pretty much succeeded...

And off course, since AJ and Heather are friends with like everyone in town the reception was great and such a good time!

I wish them so many great years together, I know with these two (I mean they went on a camping, hiking, and outdoorsy honeymoon, so they are definitely awesome), it'll be a blast! They definitely made me fall in love with outdoor weddings!

They had homemade cookies over cake, and oh were they so delicious!

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